Smuggler’s Rewards Club

July 3, 2012


Join our Smuggler’s Reward Club for the latest happenings and exclusive offers, including your $10 Welcome Gift, Points Rewards, Birthday Gifts, Anniversary Gifts and Holiday Gifts. It’s easy to join and easy to redeem your rewards and gifts at any of our restaurant locations:

Laishley Crab House
Harpoon Harry’s
Captain’s Table
Goal Post Grill

To redeem a reward just come in and give us your phone number and our rewards system will do the rest.

Earn points by dining at any of our restaurants and providing your phone number on your receipt.

Check your rewards points anytime by logging into

If you have any questions about Smuggler’s Rewards Club, please contact Kelly Liscum at (941) 637-1177 ext. 110 or by email to kelly [at]