Ron Evans


President & CEO

Ron Evans is synonymous with experience, knowledge, passion, growth and innovation.

Ron moved to Charlotte County in 1976 to manage the Charlotte Harbor Yacht Club. After a year in Fort Myers at the Royal Palm Yacht Club, Evans moved back to Punta Gorda to partner with Earl Nightingale, Don Donelson and Bob Anderson to design and build Charlotte County’s first true fine dining establishment; Nightingale’s Restaurant at Fishermen’s Village. With its grand opening in 1979, Nightingale’s became an instant success and culinary phenomenon.

Over the course of several years, Evans evolved his personal passions and philosophies into more than a restaurant, but an entire enterprise…quite literally; 1992 marked the birth of Smuggler’s Enterprises, Inc; Evans’ flagship dining venture.

Renowned for the motto he learned from Earl Nightingale, “plan your work and work your plan”, Evans lived by his words. His first move transforming Nightingale’s into The Captain’s Table, intermingling a combination of updated Nightingale’s classics, with prime steaks and seafood, using the highest-quality, local ingredients, whenever possible.

The following year 1993, Evans partnered with Harry Carson to design and build Harpoon Harry’s the first-of-its-kind. Since it’s inception, Harpoon Harry’s has received numerous awards including; “Best Waterfront Restaurant,” “Best Open-Air Restaurant,” “Best Place to Have a Beer,” “Best Sports Bar,” and “Best Bar & Night Spot” by the Charlotte Sun Herald readers.

The Smuggler’s empire includes: fine dining, casual dining, waterfront dining, catering, live entertainment, a jazz and blues lounge, event sponsorship, souvenir clothing, and community involvement, just to name a few. Evans’, proven record of delivering growth and knowledge of the Smuggler’s brands and customers make him the perfect leader.

He has done an outstanding job of spearheading the Smuggler’s expansion. His broad experience in operations management, restaurant design and development, sales and marketing enable Smuggler’s Enterprises Inc. to drive growth and bring company-wide focus to areas that are crucial for long-term success.

Evans has taken the Smuggler’s Enterprises Inc., brand to a level that restaurateurs only dream of. The labors of “planning his work, and working his plan” have transpired into quite possibly one of the most successful privately owned/operated food and beverage operations in Southwest Florida!


Kelly Liscum


Vice President

Kelly Liscum is the daughter of Ron Evans. She graduated from The Asheville School in 1999. Upon graduation, she came to work for Smuggler’s Enterprises, Inc. as a server. In 2003, she married the love of her life, Ronald Liscum. She received her B.A. in Education from Florida Gulf Coast University in 2005.

After receiving her degree, she began teaching the 2nd grade. After taking some time off from teaching, Kelly rejoined the Smuggler’s Family in 2010, assisting the management of their newly formed Event Management Company. Her organizational skills are invaluable to Smuggler’s Enterprises. Kelly’s determination, thoroughness, and meticulous attention to detail provide Smuggler’s with an exceptional leader in our company.

Kelly is a proud mom to her three beautiful children. She is also currently serving as Vice-Chair on the Board for The Center for Abuse and Rape Emergnecies (C.A.R.E.).


Rodney Monroig


Vice President, Director of Operations, Laishley Crab House General Manager

A passion for food and a long-standing family tradition influenced Rodney Monroig to pursue a career as a professional Chef. Interested in all aspects of the culinary art, Rodney has seen his cuisine develop throughout the years. A Puerto Rico native, his culinary creations capture a variety of cultures and their cuisine.

A graduate of John & Wales University, Rodney has created menus for many dignitaries and renowned restaurants during the span of his career. He began his career as a Sous Chef for the Naples Beach Hotel, before occupying a position as the kitchen manager for the Primetime restaurant in Englewood.

The technique-driven, large-scale restaurant experience made the perfect segue for his next stop: joining Smuggler’s Enterprises, Inc. in 1996 as the Sous Chef. It was at the Captain’s Table that Rodney had the privilege of honing his skills while experimenting and collaborating on menus that raised the restaurant’s reputation to a true fine dining establishment. Within three years he quickly rose to the position of Executive Chef.

Rodney brings a wealth of personality and culinary expertise to the Captain’s Table. He takes great joy in engaging guests, creating innovative cuisine, ensuring flawless production and offering superb service. A celebrity in his own right, Rodney’s passion and love for food is clear to everyone who meets him. His passion carries on to his love for sharing his wealth of experience and expertise, acting as an advisor to aid in the design and layout for the kitchen of the newest addition to Smuggler’s Enterprises, Inc., Laishley Crab House.


Jerry Cleffi


General Manager of Event Management

As Founder of the area’s renowned professional fishing tournaments The Flatsmasters Series, Jerry Cleffi serves as the tournament leader in Southwest Florida and visionary founder of Flatsmasters Fishing Tournaments.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary season, Flatsmasters is, without question, the purveyor of Southwest Florida’s largest and most prestigious fishing tournaments, including the Flatsmasters Series, Flatsmasters Redfish Series, Flatsmasters Elite Series, Flatsmasters Redspot “Count The Spots” Tournament, and the Peace River Bass Series.

Cleffi began organizing fishing tournaments in 1991 as a co-branded event, to help promote his tackle shop and guide business. The success of the tournament was beyond what he had ever anticipated. Soon after Cleffi joined forces with the American Cancer Society and the then Coastal Conservation Association, and begin organizing the first inshore fishing tournament series in Florida – The RedSnook Series.  In 2001, he helped to develop the Charlotte High School Redfish Roundup, which proved to be the largest and most successful fundraising event for the school and has continuously set record numbers each year! His success and expertise in tournament fundraising made him the ‘go to guy’ for Charlotte Warriors Pop Warner Football, Port Charlotte High School Athletics, Habitat for Humanity, The Snook Foundation, and many others. It wasn’t until 2002, that the Flatsmasters Series saw the day of light. Centered around inshore fishing the unique tournament series, has become the benchmark for all inshore tournaments in Florida.  As founder, Cleffi leads the Flatsmasters organization that operates all of the ?shing-tournament circuits offering huge cash prizes, through its 25+ professional tournament events. With an average of over 300 anglers per year for the past 9 consecutive years, The Flatsmasters is one of the largest and most respected tournaments in Florida.

In 2005, Cleffis’ vision to grow fishing beyond the 50 million anglers who participate in the sport annually and build it into a sport that is as much a part of the American past-time as Monday Night Football and NASCAR, he began filming the Flatsmasters TV Show – a reality based show centered around the top anglers in the Flatsmasters Series.  In 2009, he began publishing the Flatsmasters Magazine, a quarterly publication about recreational and tournament fishing on the west coast of Florida.

Today, Cleffi continues to tap into the power of the nation’s ?shing enthusiasts through new ventures in the tournament arena. In 2010 branched out into creating and managing other events such as the Punta Gorda Redfish Festival and the Smuggler’s Haunting on the Harbor. Throughout his career, Cleffi has owned and/or managed multiple large and small start-up companies. However, he remains a passionate and relentless innovator, linking fishing, tournaments, fundraising and business for the benefit of sponsors, fans and anglers alike.


Corinne Wimberly


General Manager of Harpoon Harry’s & Acting General Manager of The Captain’s Table

Corinne has over 4 years experience in the restaurant industry. After graduating from Charlotte High School, Corinne started working as  a server at Charlotte County’s favorite hot spot, Harpoon Harry’s. After years of hard work and dedication her role changed from server to Manager.

As Restaurant Manager, Corinne is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Harpoon Harry’s, including the dining room, three full liquor bars, and an outdoor patio. In 2018, Corinne was promoted to General Manager of The Captain’s Table.





Dave Kass


Harpoon Harry’s Kitchen Manager

A New Orleans native, Dave Kass’ introduction to the Food and Beverage industry began when he was 16 years old, working part-time as a bus boy at Bay Street. He continued to work throughout high school inching his way from bussing to waiting and eventually tending bar. Upon graduation Dave moved to Texas where he became more involved in the hospitality industry.

Presented with an opportunity to see “the other side of the tracks” Dave accepted a manager position, giving him the opportunity to learn about the management aspects of the operation. After gaining experience and insight about management and its responsibilities, Dave decided to take the next step in his development moving to Florida in 1994, to become a full time Kitchen Manager, for Smuggler’s Enterprises inc.

As the Kitchen Manager, he participates in the training of employees, menu development and financial analysis, that work to make Harpoon Harry’s successful. Since his first day on the job back on Sept. 14th 1995, Dave has remarkably missed only one day of work!



Phil Robertson


Harpoon Harry’s Crab House Manager

Phillip Robertson is a U.S. Navy Veteran who proudly served in Operation Iraqi Freedom.  After his military service Phil decided to work for Wal-Mart in New Jersey as a stocker.  A few years later, after various promotions, Phil transferred to the District Manager Store, where he would take the position as the trainer and developer for newly hired Assistant Managers.  With the ability to be lead, motivate, team build, and work under pressure, he was the best candidate for the position.

After various successful classes he was promoted to Co-Manager for a brand new sister store.  Phil then decided to move with his family to Florida.  With the birth of his child, Phil decided he wanted to spend more time with his family.  He landed a job as an Assistant Manager with a smaller company (Harbor Freight Tools).  After a year, Phil got a promotion to General Manager in Nashville, TN.  With his ability to turn around stores that were in jeopardy, he was then transferred to Knoxville, TN to clean & hire skilled workers.

One day, Phil decided to take a bartending/mixology class for fun and got his certificate.  A few years later, while cruising thru Pigeon Forge, Phil came across Harpoon Harry’s Crab House.  He applied for a server position in 2015 with no restaurant experience and got hired on the spot.  A couple of months later, he was placed behind the bar.  With his impressive people skills, management skills, and mixologist skills he was able to develop a clientele at the River Bar, where he became very successful.  Three years later, Phil got promoted to Assistant General Manager at the new Tampa location.  However, after a couple of months, the position for General Manager at Pigeon Forge, TN came available.  The fact that that the restaurant was home to him and the passion that he has, without hesitation, Phil took the position.

Phil and his wife (who is also an employee of Smuggler’s) have two beautiful children (Joshua and Caylee).  When he is not busy at the restaurant, he enjoys going to the attractions with his family that the Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg area offer. He also loves spending quiet time in his beautiful cabin home with his family.


Laishley Crab House Floor Manager


Harpoon Harry’s Crab House Tampa General Manager


Harpoon Harry’s Crab House Tampa Event Coordinator